How To: List all indexes in MongoDB

Indexes are a very important structure in any database and the same is true with MongoDB as well. It adds spices to the performance of your query. It is also very important to know what and how many indexes are created on your DB. In the normal life of DBA, one needs to find out Read more about How To: List all indexes in MongoDB[…]

WiredTiger: A game changer for MongoDB

Storage engine is one of the key component of any database.  It is, in fact, a software module which is used by database management system to perform all storage related operations e.g. create information, read information and update any information.  The term storage means both disk storage and memory storage.   Choosing right storage engine is Read more about WiredTiger: A game changer for MongoDB[…]

MongoDB Installation – Ubuntu

MongoDB is one of the document oriented open source database developed in c++, first come into shape in 2007 when in order to overcome the shortfall of existing database while working for an advertising company “DoubleClick” development team has decided to go further rather than struggling with database.  The team of this advertising company was Read more about MongoDB Installation – Ubuntu[…]

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