Because of the limitation of currently available Enterprise data warehousing tools, Organizations were not able to consolidate their data at one place to maintain faster data processing.  Traditional ETL tools may take hours, days and sometimes even weeks.  Performances of these tools are limited by two Hardware limitations. The vertical hardware scalability:   Hardware can be scaled Read more about MAGIC OF HADOOP[…]

Journey of Hadoop

At the outset of twenty-first century, somewhere 1999-2000, due to increasing popularity of XML and JAVA, internet was evolving faster than ever.  As the world wide web grew at dizzying pace, though current search engine technologies were working fine, a better open source search engine was the need of the hour to cater the future Read more about Journey of Hadoop[…]

Big Data: An Introduction

Innovations in technologies made the resources cheaper than earlier.  This enables organizations to store more data at lower cost and thus increasing the size of data.  Gradually it becomes bigger and now it moves from Megabytes (MB) to Petabytes (1e+9 MB).  This huge increase in data requires some different kind of processing and ways of Read more about Big Data: An Introduction[…]

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